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NEW ! "ActingFIT" worshops : acting, fitness, martial arts Express !
NEW original worshops "ActingFIT" : acting fitness, martial arts. in French and/or English.

Self-confidence, concentration, intuitions... co-creativity. Let's "team-up" :)

Intensive express 1H top chrono or more according to groups or themes. 

"Empower your body, empower your Acting (craft or just well-being)" ;). 

All Copyright @VPThomas Tiny-Mighty Vero ;) Lets' have FUN ! 

"PHOTOS Transition Paris 2021-2022 : Triumph inspired in Gold & Purple"
Transition Paris 2021-2022 : under the good signs of the famous French Arc de Triomphe, with GOLD & PURPLE colors inspired and inspiring...all the senses awakened  ... :) and an Euorpean flag that was first put UNDER the the French Arc of Triumph as France will lead the European council for six months : a promising symbol in some ways, everybody's free of opinion ;)...

May France lead with great intelligence those "six months" for the best of all and especially coming generations...(serendipity...;)

PHOTOS gallerie "Paris Transition" Nec Mergitur ;) 2021-2022 all copyright VPTHOMAS. 


Worshops ARTS "The Happy Art Travelling/Roving Academy" Interstellar :)
Vacations, holidays, happy positive weekends, co-créativity, fun, imagination.. French or English.. or both :)

"The Happy Art Academy Travelling :)  online :) Interstellar : info

Happy Christmas and New Eve Times... :) Stay Safe Take care !

Worshops N.AM.S.@ :"manage stress, creativity, lead with neurosciences, arts, sports"
Worshops "N.A.M.S. coaching" @ : "manage your stress, creativity and leadership" through, thanks to neurosciences tools, positive psychology, combining arts & sports. Updated, this is s personal experienced all copyright method : "N.A.M.S. coaching" :). 

Since 4 years old. Teens and/or adults. A tools combined box to help personal development, psycho-neuro-corporal, dealing with stress situations, for multicultural, open-minded, positive solidary multi-cultural /international leads. (photos gallery "atelier gestion du stress & psy positive"/ wix : veromighty17.wixcom/namscoach)

Individual or groups (10). Face-to-face or online.  May the positive force be with you ! 

"Poésie - Poetry times : a sweet worshop for a sweet come back to school :) "
Let's do some "poésie"a  sweet imaginative poetry to come back to school :).

A new serie of 10 easy poems (5 French and 5 in English) to enjoy poetry and combined arts.

- Here two poems recorded : "L'automne" by Maurice Carême and the funny "Pop-Corn" :) very different and a lot to co-create. Words in the gallery "poesy & poetry..." and the 2 first videos in the the list of the webiste. (for more, on specific request or worshops). 

- also the discovery of a beautiful offered magazine educative and creative by Fnac store ; the poem and the discovery of migratory birds...(see in videos) Wonderful Illustrations by Aanton Krings.

 Enjoy . See you on some of my co-creative, educative and/or sports worshops ;). Stay safe, Take care.

"A tale to tell with a special guest :) guess who is there today ..."
"A tale to tell with a special guest" :) let's have some fun, guess who is it today ? let's have some fun discovering tales from the world with different worldwide characters, sometimes said monsters : who are they ? do they speak French, English ? :) what will we learn discussing, sharing with them ? ... and with "Halloween" coming the different "beliefs or myths around..." lets' talk about it ... a special guest you'd like to see or meet or ask or talk with ? let me know :)  // photo gallery " a tale to tell with a special guest" :). enjoy. To be continued.

"An Angel's smile in Paris : seasons transitions : multidisciplinary worshops & co_creativity"
"An Angel's smile in Paris streets or wink, letting some feathers here or there ..."incognito" ? ;) for fun for sign ?..."FLUCTUAT NEC MERGITUR"...

Here or there, and/or some poets, writers saying also "hello!": just "watch out" size and colors of the feathers ...after the crows :)... : and seasons transitions : observation, imagination, co-creation, links between seasons and keeping on through multidisciplinary worshops : what about photography, symbolisms of found objets, clothes, colors, activities, words, writing, Life storytelling again ... :) let's HAVE A WALK OBSERVE ENJOY and CO-CREATE :) ! a draw ? a tale ? a play ? a postcard ? a song ? what else ? ,). Enjoy !

"A Crow Day In Paris Garden..." Life & StoryTelling & Photos Gallery @VeroThomas
By A cloudy day in Paris Garden and a crow and his friends taking their territory on all statues... except the Good Samaritain statue... The Crow and the story of the Good Samaritain symbolisms or meanings and some creative tools for story-telling, writing tales worshops, comedy,  :) and much more creativity. "The Crow and the good Samaritain..." :) to be continued... some "CREATIVE CULTURAL SPIRITUAL worshop"...This is ART CRAFT :)...

Just look around (yourself) educate yourself : "observation, imagination, creation..."... Enjoy :)

All copyright @VeroThomas VPThomas. Thank you & enjoy creativity :). 

Worshop Theater Tales & craft create your little theater & stories
Enjoy an English Or French worshop combining theater, Tales, craft ! 

Create your own folded paper theater with pictures and information shared in the gallery “théâtre bilingue FR US tools “ ;) print the papers use your scissors and some glue enjoy the example of story “Cinderella” and create your own stories own Draws, own Characters ! Enjoy ! Have fun at the worshop or with your friends and family ! Quick bilingual explanative vidéo on YouTube verothomas1 ;)

Have fun ! 

« TinyMighty Vero Creastyle : Rise & Shine Fashion ideas » ;)
Cf New photos gallery & « Rise & Shine easy Fashion ideas«  ;)with old or new clothes, accessories, bijoux, any season ;). 

Colors, fun, vitality, joy, peace, sports, force, trust, faith, spirituality ...;) enjoy ;) 

"Tiny-Mighty Vero presents..."
"Tiny-Mighty Vero presents..." is an original serie of bilingual French / English videos, educative and entertaining, theater, arts, games... 

Co-creative info and exercices / games proposed also in the gallery "theatre FR-US tools & more..." and the full videos are on the youtube channel : verothomas1. Enjoy !

Worshop Bilingual theater & discovery of Classical French Comedy & De Lafontaine Tales
A new idea of bilingual Theater worshop : discovery of the French classical Comedy and famous old French writers such as Molière, Racine, Corneille... and the famous inspiring Tales of Jean de La Fontaine :)

enjoy ! Some Cards to work, practice, prepare in the photos gallery and short videos on my youtube channel : VeroThomas1. 

Possible donations for new development via PayPal or partnerships send a message !

Gratefully & Successfully :)

Bilingual French-English worshop « The Art of Acting, theater & US Comedy »
a Bilingual 3h French-English worshop with a great motivated group of teens (11-15 years old) 

fun and acting theater and US comedy (the famous TV shows we all know :) how characters are created played and co-work in a creative comedy environnement with comedy tips and so on :)

In the wonderful place of Beaujon Center Paris 8. 

See the photos galery « the Art of Acting«  :) 

Fathers Day, an easy martial rock chore ;)
After the “juicy” easy martial fitness chore for Mother’s Day, time to honor all fathers and good men in the world with a “funny easy martial rock“ chore ;) 

with love, positive force & wisdom to all good fathers & men in the world ;) 

Story time : 5 wisdom tales :)
Story-time : 5 wisdom tales + a bonus 

around 5 subjects : happiness, good actions, concentration, intelligence, values of effort. 

2-4 minutes each day for a Wisdom moment to share & meditate for a week. 

Enjoy !

Mothers' Day ! with a Juicy funny easy martial fitness choré ;)
A special Juicy :) funny easy body karaté & martial fitness choregraphy for all the beautiful mothers and women in the world !

Trailer 1 "The Tale of Evey, shifts & paradigms"
Short movie & Trailer by VPThomas all Copyrights reserved.

Enjoy some pictures in the gallery «the Tale of Evey« :)

Trailer : "The Tale of Evey" Shifts & Paradigms, trailer 1, 2018 - YouTube (verothomas1 channel youtube).

Transparent emotional mask
Making EMOTIONAL transparent practical funny MASKS, all ages, all kinds...

Signs language initiation ( introducing someone, emotions, colors ...)

Bilingual Montessori Knights & Princesses kids worshops
Funny creative bilingual French English kids worshops around the theme of Knights & Princesses ! Story time, drawing, singing, swording, dancing, creating shields swords Helmets..;)

FLASHMOB Unicef & 230 motivated children with body karate & theatrical combat !
A double Flashmob Unicef with 230 children to celebrate Uniday a special day for children to talk about rights and especially education and this year the right to access sportive activities. I had great pleasure creating the 7 min choreography with a first part of body karate with great DJ music and 3 min theatrical combat on great heroes movie music . A fabulous solidary day !!! With incredible share of sport fun martial arts education music acting with 230 children aged from 6 to 12 !

UNICEF a giant « goose game » about children rights in the world, all ages !
With Unicef a fabulous giant « goose game » introducing about children rights around the world, a game for children teenagers adults / parents. 2019 is also the year of the 30th anniversary of the CIDE the International Convention for children rights : a powerful positive year for worldwide consciousness for children care and rights.

"Little childhood & Travels organisation" Youth & Sport specialization / Certification
"Little childhood & Travels organisation" a specialization for Youth & Sport Certification. "Veronique, diligent & involved, did the training earnestly. True abilities to work in a team spirit, taking easily her leadership in different group works. Got part with relevance in discussions times. Creation, design & achievement of a fairy investigation game for 4-5 years children and an exhibition stand for a little children travel on a bilingual Montessori & Beach Discovery basis…"

Bilingual Philosophy public speaking Children worshops « méditation, philo, discussion » Montessori
New positive bilingual French-English Philosophy worshops for children 4-12 years old adapted to Montessori environment : children will enjoy Life themes discussion and with méditation body exercices and great philosophy and wisdom stories from the world (perseverance, forgiveness, sharings, strength...) developing public speaking art  , sharings : fun, ideas, zen & sharings!

an audacious and efficient mix of karate and fitness : martial arts technics and fun in music, respect & share !

with PSC1 new 1srt AIDS certification 

Newly Practionner-coach trained in neuro-sensoriality, "stress and creativity management" ANS
Neurosciences and neuro-sensoriality tools to deal lovely, kindly, strongly with stress and co-creativity.

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