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Bilingual French-English worshop « The Art of Acting, theater & US Comedy »
a Bilingual 3h French-English worshop with a great motivated group of teens (11-15 years old) 

fun and acting theater and US comedy (the famous TV shows we all know :) how characters are created played and co-work in a creative comedy environnement with comedy tips and so on :)

In the wonderful place of Beaujon Center Paris 8. 

See the photos galery « the Art of Acting«  :) 

Fathers Day, an easy martial rock chore ;)
After the “juicy” easy martial fitness chore for Mother’s Day, time to honor all fathers and good men in the world with a “funny easy martial rock“ chore ;) 

with love, positive force & wisdom to all good fathers & men in the world ;) 

Story time : 5 wisdom tales :)
Story-time : 5 wisdom tales + a bonus 

around 5 subjects : happiness, good actions, concentration, intelligence, values of effort. 

2-4 minutes each day for a Wisdom moment to share & meditate for a week. 

Enjoy !

Story-Reading Time :) French or English stories :)
Here is a French extract from "the Secret of the Samourais" by Marc Lévy & Carine Hinder.

Enjoy...:) more to come :) 

Possible readings on Requests. 

Donations, sponsorships, partnerships possible. PayPal @ verothomas or private message. Thank you !

Mothers' Day ! with a Juicy funny easy martial fitness choré ;)
A special Juicy :) funny easy body karaté & martial fitness choregraphy for all the beautiful mothers and women in the world !

Trailer 1 "The Tale of Evey, shifts & paradigms"
Short movie & Trailer by VPThomas all Copyrights reserved.

Enjoy some pictures in the gallery «the Tale of Evey« :)

Signs language initiation ( introducing someone, emotions, colors ...)

Bilingual Montessori Knights & Princesses kids worshops
Funny creative bilingual French English kids worshops around the theme of Knights & Princesses ! Story time, drawing, singing, swording, dancing, creating shields swords Helmets..;)

FLASHMOB Unicef & 230 motivated children with body karate & theatrical combat !
A double Flashmob Unicef with 230 children to celebrate Uniday a special day for children to talk about rights and especially education and this year the right to access sportive activities. I had great pleasure creating the 7 min choreography with a first part of body karate with great DJ music and 3 min theatrical combat on great heroes movie music . A fabulous solidary day !!! With incredible share of sport fun martial arts education music acting with 230 children aged from 6 to 12 !

UNICEF a giant « goose game » about children rights in the world, all ages !
With Unicef a fabulous giant « goose game » introducing about children rights around the world, a game for children teenagers adults / parents. 2019 is also the year of the 30th anniversary of the CIDE the International Convention for children rights : a powerful positive year for worldwide consciousness for children care and rights.

"Little childhood & Travels organisation" Youth & Sport specialization / Certification
"Little childhood & Travels organisation" a specialization for Youth & Sport Certification. "Veronique, diligent & involved, did the training earnestly. True abilities to work in a team spirit, taking easily her leadership in different group works. Got part with relevance in discussions times. Creation, design & achievement of a fairy investigation game for 4-5 years children and an exhibition stand for a little children travel on a bilingual Montessori & Beach Discovery basis…"

Bilingual Philosophy public speaking Children worshops « méditation, philo, discussion » Montessori
New positive bilingual French-English Philosophy worshops for children 4-12 years old adapted to Montessori environment : children will enjoy Life themes discussion and with méditation body exercices and great philosophy and wisdom stories from the world (perseverance, forgiveness, sharings, strength...) developing public speaking art  , sharings : fun, ideas, zen & sharings!

an audacious and efficient mix of karate and fitness : martial arts technics and fun in music, respect & share !

with PSC1 new 1srt AIDS certification 

Newly Practionner-coach trained in neuro-sensoriality, "stress and creativity management" ANS
Neurosciences and neuro-sensoriality tools to deal lovely, kindly, strongly with stress and co-creativity.

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