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Signs language initiation ( introducing someone, emotions, colors ...)

Bilingual Montessori Knights & Princesses kids worshops
Funny creative bilingual French English kids worshops around the theme of Knights & Princesses ! Story time, drawing, singing, swording, dancing, creating shields swords Helmets..;)

FLASHMOB Unicef & 230 motivated children with body karate & theatrical combat !
A double Flashmob Unicef with 230 children to celebrate Uniday a special day for children to talk about rights and especially education and this year the right to access sportive activities. I had great pleasure creating the 7 min choreography with a first part of body karate with great DJ music and 3 min theatrical combat on great heroes movie music . A fabulous solidary day !!! With incredible share of sport fun martial arts education music acting with 230 children aged from 6 to 12 !

UNICEF a giant « goose game » about children rights in the world, all ages !
With Unicef a fabulous giant « goose game » introducing about children rights around the world, a game for children teenagers adults / parents. 2019 is also the year of the 30th anniversary of the CIDE the International Convention for children rights : a powerful positive year for worldwide consciousness for children care and rights.

"Little childhood & Travels organisation" Youth & Sport specialization / Certification
"Little childhood & Travels organisation" a specialization for Youth & Sport Certification. "Veronique, diligent & involved, did the training earnestly. True abilities to work in a team spirit, taking easily her leadership in different group works. Got part with relevance in discussions times. Creation, design & achievement of a fairy investigation game for 4-5 years children and an exhibition stand for a little children travel on a bilingual Montessori & Beach Discovery basis…"

Bilingual Philosophy public speaking Children worshops « méditation, philo, discussion » Montessori
New positive bilingual French-English Philosophy worshops for children 4-12 years old adapted to Montessori environment : children will enjoy Life themes discussion and with méditation body exercices and great philosophy and wisdom stories from the world (perseverance, forgiveness, sharings, strength...) developing public speaking art  , sharings : fun, ideas, zen & sharings!

Bilingual French-English neurosensorial Montessori&New positive alternative pedagogy kids workshops
Bilingual kids to adults neurosensorial, co-creative, educational, artistic, sportive, Montessori & alternative new positive pedagogy worshops - coaching : theatre & video tools, fairy tales, arts, crafts, geography & worldwide cultures with dolls ;), reading, writing, communication, public speaking, philosophy discussions, positive martial arts sophrology zen and fine-motor skills : a positive cocreative efficient global education sytem empowering personal development, positive solidary citizenship/Leadership & International multicultural agile Team Spirit.

A fair & balanced bilingual FRENCH-ENGLISH system that favors the development of cognitive abilities, an enhancement of performances particularly in mathematics, and the ability of focusing.

Private or group worshops-coaching according to / adapted to the requests and goals.

Recreational educational & successful preparation to Cambridge for children, Ket, Pet, Toefl, Ielts, Toeic.

an audacious and efficient mix of karate and fitness : martial arts technics and fun in music, respect & share !

with PSC1 new 1srt AIDS certification 

"The Tale of Evey"
A fantasy-drama short movie...a film by V.P.Thomas. Original music Evey Jung. With Evey Jung, Ramiya-Angeline Selliah & Maëlle Besson.(11min11)

Newly Practionner-coach trained in neuro-sensoriality, "stress and creativity management" ANS
Neurosciences and neuro-sensoriality tools to deal lovely, kindly, strongly with stress and co-creativity.

Ce qu'ils disent...what they say...
Nicknames-surnoms "The warrior, tiny-mighty, ninjita, the pretty doll, the knight-princess, intel pentium..."

Mrs Mellinger, Lorraine France
Professor Paul Valéry College 
Véronique, a lot of attributes : beauty, joy, intelligence to enter life, cultivate them ! “
Art Camacho, Los Angeles
Producer/Director/Stuntman/Fight choreographer
"Veroniqueis an very talented actress and fighter. She lights up the screen with her presence and performance." 10 septembre 2014
Bilingual Children new positive "Arts Sports Education Neurosciences" worshops 2018 & more 
"Veronique took great care of the physical and moral security and safety of the children, with will and joy, always trying to speak in English. Naturally gifted with the children, she could immediatly join the team and proposed several pertinent sportive worshops.
Veronique is voluntary, she is dynamic and she infuses a team spirit to all the people around her. Her activities met lots of success. She really invested in the children that she had to take care of and enjoyed every moment with them. Conscientious, ponctual, and always joyful." The Garden Academy of Language & Culture, Bilingual Children Center (3-10 years old children)
"Veronique is a motivated & voluntary person who knows how to use her different aknowledges at their best for the children in order to ensure appropriate security and safety, to awaken their curiosity and drive them to funny recreational and educational activities. She knows also how to search and propose different ways to do and to explain instructions, activities or rules. In the team she is dynamic, very agreeable, multi-skills polyvalent. She has also proposed and set up different kind of activities; creative or sportive ones". Pari-Grandir, Bilingual educational & recreational Children Center 

Nadine Malo, France
comédienne/chanteuse/metteur en scène at Théâtre des Dunes
"Véronique est une très bonne pédagogue, elle maîtrise son sujet et sait transmettre aux enfants les techniques de combat pour les adapter à un jeu théâtral. 
C'est une excellente comédienne et un très bon coach." 
30 septembre 2014
Scott Sedita, Los Angeles
Acting Coach, Author of The Eight Characters of Comedy
"Comedy as an art form can be tricky to master; the beats, the technique the delivery. However, comedy is a universal language and Veronique spoke it well ! " 4 juin 2015

Elisabeth Jean, UNICEF France
Responsable Frimousses des Ecoles
"Véronique est bénévole pour l’UNICEF et fait notamment partie de l’équipe "Frimousses des écoles".
Elle sait parler aux enfants, leur passer les messages importants, les intéresser et les motiver. 
Et lors des ateliers de création des poupées Frimousses, Véronique a d’excellentes relations avec les enfants et leur permet d’exprimer toute leur créativité." 16 février 2015

"Hereafter Grandma..."
Short Movie. Coming. Intro Voice..."Destiny is written in the stars"

Children Coach Theatrical Combat / French and US-English

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